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پاورپوینت Safe Use and Operation of Vacuum Lines

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Safe Use and Operation of Vacuum Lines


Starting Up

Shutting Down

Cleaning Manifold

Changing Pump Oil

Dealing with Liquid O2

Starting Up

PPE Needed: Lab Coat, Gloves, Safety Goggles/Glasses

1. Ensure that the manifold stopcocks, as well as all seals, are properly greased.

2. Check to see that the vacuum trap is dry and clean.

3. Make sure that there is enough Liquid N2 on hand to fill the dewar.

4. Insert traps into empty dewars.

5. Ensure that all valves are closed, and start or open line to the vacuum pump.

6. Fill the dewar with liquid nitrogen. Wrap the top with a towel, cotton, glass wool, or aluminum foil.

7. Watch the gauge to ensure that the pressure is dropping.

Notes for Starting Up

Depending on whether you have one or two traps, you will have to refill the dewar(s) every 6-8 or 12 hours, respectively.

Make sure the system is under vacuum while any portion is under liquid nitrogen. Otherwise, oxygen could condense, which could result in a serious explosion (see below).

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پاورپوینت Safe Use and Operation of Vacuum Lines
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